Our vegan confectionery company, meringueshop, is the source of our hand blended MERINGUE POWDER. The recipe begins with fresh, organic, vegan meringues, baked from scratch. We then finely grind the meringues, creating a vegan meringue powder that performs just like traditional, egg-based meringue powder. Whip it into a smooth royal icing, thin it out into a pourable drip glaze, or stabilize creamy frosting - the possibilities are endless!

vegan | gluten free | peanut and tree nut free | organic | soy free

INGREDIENTS: raw cane sugar*, aquafaba broth (chickpeas*, water), arrowroot powder*, non-GMO gum acacia*, non-GMO citric acid, guar gum*. 

*organic ingredient

For instructions on how to make royal icing using meringue powder see our meringue powder: a user's guide.