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A return to cooking…

Cooking is more than making a meal, it celebrates the practice of eating together. The home kitchen is central to not only preparing food, but a place to find comfort in the foods we create for others or to enjoy together as a family. Now, in spending more time together, eating out less and cooking more at home, we've also rediscovered the value of spending more time in the kitchen.

At Flourish, we have also returned to cooking. Expanding our offerings from sweet to savory, we have designed an easy-to-use pantry of kitchen essentials so you can enjoy a freshly prepared, nourishing meal at home made entirely from plants. Whether you are looking to embellish your table with more plant-based foods, searching for new vegan meal options or perhaps trying out a weekly 'meatless Monday', let us help you cook!

More about our kitchen...

All of our products are vegan, free from eggs, dairy (milk, butter, cheese) and all animal products. Our kitchen is dedicated peanut and tree-nut free and we don't use soy in any of our products. Many of our selections happen to be free from gluten because we often bake with alternative flours other than wheat.

We use every part of the plant, ‘from root to fruit’- leaves, stems, seeds, fruits and even flowers. For baking staples, we use certified organic and non-GMO flours, sugars, plant milks and oils. We source certified organic vegetables and fruits, when available, and reach out to local suppliers and farmers for market available produce.

Allergen friendly and nut-free kitchen

In addition to our products being free from dairy and eggs, we do not use any soy, peanut or tree-nut ingredients in any of our dishes. Please note, that we are not a seed-free kitchen. We do use sunflower, pumpkin, flax and chia seeds. We also use coconut in some of our products, as botanically, coconut is not considered a nut.

We do our best to source nut-free ingredients that are traceable back to the manufacturer but this is not always possible. We recommend that those with a life-threatening nut allergy please contact us prior to ordering so that we can respond to more specific concerns.

Dedicated staff

A thank you to our dedicated staff of over ten years. We have grown the business together and we appreciate your tireless commitment to making our kitchen 'Flourish!'