July 11, 2018


I had the good fortune, recently, to meet Amber Spiegel, a professional ‘cookier’, and an expert with royal icing. Amber also offers decorating classes at her Kingston, NY studio, as well as online decorating tips on her YouTube channel, SweetAmbsCookies. I signed up for a class, brought my kids to share in the experience, and took along a bag of my new formulation of egg-free meringue powder for Amber to try.

Amber welcomed us into her sunlit studio space for her three-hour class. The table was set with paints, paintbrushes, blending tools, palettes and, of course, cookies. Amber guided us through three different cookie designs as we finessed our piping techniques.

At the end of our class, I prepared a small batch of vegan royal icing for Amber to test out on her cookies awaiting her stamp of approval.

The meringue powder was now ready to launch!

A big thank you to Amber Spiegel for putting together a tutorial for our User’s Guide, a step-by-step video of how to use meringueshop’s organic + vegan Meringue Powder. The video can also be seen on her Youtube channel.

For more information on Amber’s classes, check out her cookie decorating classes on her website; her Instagram @sweetambs is loaded with video tutorials.


*Kingston, NY, just two hours from Manhattan, makes for an enjoyable day trip or overnight stay in the Hudson Valley.  


 Some photos from our Cookie decorating class @sweetambs in Kingston.







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