ice cream cakes


Insulated bag


We are now churning our own small batch vegan ice cream, free from eggs, dairy, soy and nuts to create ice cream celebration cakes.  Each cake is a layering of thoughtfully composed flavors and textures. Elements include organic fruit compotes, herb-infused syrups, crisp cookie crumble, airy meringue, gooey butterscotch sauce, chocolate ganache and two ice cream flavor pairings per cake.

Each 7 inch cake serves up to 10.

To order for same day pick up, please call during business hours to find out which flavors are available.


Piña Colada (GF)
pineapple + coconut ice cream flavors | coconut meringue | snickerdoodle cookie crumble | butterscotch | vanilla chiffon cake | 
whipped cream frosting

Black Forest
bing cherry + vanilla ice cream flavors | maraschino red velvet cookie crumble | chocolate ganache | chocolate cake | whipped cream frosting

Strawberry Matcha
strawberry + matcha ice cream flavors | white chocolate corn flake crunch | housemade strawberry jam | vanilla chiffon cake |
whipped cream frosting

Lavender Peach Melba (GF)
peach + lavender ice cream flavors | toasted oat shortbread | lingonberry caramel | vanilla chiffon cake | meringue crumble | whipped cream frosting