ice cream sundae layer cakes


Insulated bag

Our Sundae Layer Cakes are all vegan, dairy and soy free; made with Oatly oat milk ice cream. Each sundae flavor contains two flavors of 'ice cream', vanilla or chocolate cake, cookie crumble mix ins and a sundae topping of caramel or fudge.

8+ servings per 6 inch cake

To order for same day pick up, please call during business hours to find out which flavors are available.

strawberry + cream
strawberry and vanilla Oatly ice cream | vanilla chiffon cake | strawberry jam | strawberry dulce de leche | vanilla meringue crumble

mocha fudge
coffee and chocolate Oatly ice cream | chocolate cake | cocoa nibs | chocolate fudge sauce | chocolate cookie crunch

mint chip brownie
mint chocolate chip and vanilla coconut milk ice cream | chocolate cake | brownie chunks | whipped coconut cream | oreo cookies | chocolate fudge sauce

chocolate chip cookie dough (gluten free )
vanilla Oatly ice cream | gluten free marble cake | gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough |  chocolate fudge sauce | cookie crumble