The Pavlova, a quintessential meringue dessert, is a crisp and mallowy meringue shell filled with fruits, cream or custard.
It makes for a festive presentation that is naturally gluten free.
In addition, our Pav is vegan, free from eggs!
In lieu of egg whites found in a traditional meringue, we simmer our own housemade aquafaba from organic chickpeas to a crystal clear consomme until it is ready to whip into a perfectly balanced vegan meringue, not too sweet, with high performing peaks, that taste just like meringues.

A 7 inch Pavlova serves six. It can also be layered into a double stack for up to twelve. A Pavlova should be enjoyed the same day as it is assembled.
Opt for a 'Naked Pavlova' for a DIY dessert;
just add fruit, sorbet or whipped topping.

Pre-order for Passover/Easter week
 For Passover/Easter week orders, place your order by Friday, March 31st and schedule your pick up date for the following week.
**We will not be taking any new holiday orders after March 31st. **

 Easter Sunday hours for pre-orders only
10 to 11am



organic berries | vanilla whipped cream | white chocolate drizzle
 7 inch pavlova, serves 6  $45
double stack pavlova, serves up to 12  $75

organic berries | chocolate mousse | dark chocolate drizzle
7 inch pavlova, serves 6  $55
double stack pavlova, serves up to 12  $80

DIY NAKED PAVLOVA, meringue shell only  $25
7 inch shell

 Meringue Care
Pavlova is best enjoyed the day it is assembled. If you will be enjoying it later, just let us know to leave it disassembled. It can be stored up to one week in a cool, dry place, away from humidity. When ready to decorate, just add fruit and filling.


free from eggs, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts

made with organic, locally sourced ingredients