The Pavlova is a crisp and mallowy meringue shell filled with fruits, cream or custard. It makes for a festive presentation that is naturally gluten free.In addition, our Pavlova is vegan, free from eggs!

In lieu of egg whites found in a traditional meringue, we simmer our own housemade aquafaba from organic chickpeas to a crystal clear consomme until it is ready to whip into a perfectly balanced vegan meringue, not too sweet, with high performing peaks, that taste just like meringues.

An 8 inch Pavlova serves around 8 and best served on the day it is assembled.

Naked Pavlovas can be assembled for a quick and easy dessert. When ready to decorate, just add fruit, sorbet or whipped topping.


free from eggs, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts

made with organic, locally sourced ingredients