piña colada ice cream cake


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We are now churning our own small batch vegan ice cream, free from eggs, dairy, soy and nuts to create ice cream celebration cakes.  Each cake is a layering of thoughtfully composed flavors and textures.

Pineapple and coconut combine well for a delicious ice cream pairing. We simmer fresh pineapple into a thick jam and whisk it into our signature ice cream base. Coconut cream is churned into a refreshing ice cream layer. The ice creams are layered with cinnamon snickerdoodle cookies and drizzled with a vanilla butterscotch sauce. The cake is placed on a layer of gluten free vanilla chiffon cake and decorated with toasted coconut meringue crumble.

Piña Colada (GF)
pineapple + coconut ice cream flavors | toasted coconut meringue | snickerdoodle cookie crumble | butterscotch | gluten free vanilla chiffon cake | whipped cream frosting

Each cake serves up to 10.

Please note, if traveling longer than 20 minutes, we suggest bringing a cooler or insulated bag. We also offer ice packs and insulated bags which can be selected as an add-on when placing your cake order.

To order for a same day pick up or during our modified holiday schedule, please email to arrange your pick up time. 


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