vegetable buns care pack



We take culinary cues for our vegetable-filled buns from handheld foods found worldwide such as empanadas, knishes, pierogis, and calzones. Each of our six fillings is a flavorful combination of organic vegetables wrapped and then baked inside our signature pillowy dough. One or two buns are just right for a meal and pack up well for on-the-go lunches. Pre-baked, just heat and eat.

Choice of a half dozen, one bun per flavor or one dozen, two buns per flavor.

  • cabbage pierogi
  • ratatouille
  • eggplant parm
  • pulled BBQ mushroom
  • lentil 'meatball'
  • portobello patty melt

    All of our products are baked free from eggs, dairy, soy and all animal products. Our kitchen is dedicated peanut and tree-nut free and we use organic, locally- sourced produce when possible.