lentil + bean 'meatballs'


Choice of
  • a nutritious blend of organic lentils and beans
  • high protein enhanced with non gmo chickpea protein
  • vegetarian/vegan/nut free/gluten free/ soy free

    two to three servings per package

    Sold frozen 6 meatballs per package or select meatballs with your choice of mushroom gravy or tomato sauce on the side.

    INGREDIENTS: organic green and brown lentils, organic pinto beans, organic black beans, organic cannellini beans, organic onions, soy and nut free parmesan, organic oat flour, organic coconut flour, chickpea protein, organic tomato paste, organic thyme, organic parsley, oregano,  extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, paprika/

    Serve with: pull-apart rolls or steak fries or top with tomato sauce