cake truffles


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Our chocolate dipped cake truffles are infused with fruity cordials* and topped with a sprinkling of candied flower confetti. Our dipping chocolate is carefully sourced and allergen friendly, free from nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, and soy.

Available in four flavors, Kir, Lillet, Kahlua and Elderflower (alcohol free), packaged in an assortment of four or eight pieces.

*less than 5% alcohol per truffle


Lillet Truffle : orange cake | Lillet | handmade quince marmalade | candied marigold blossoms | white chocolate

Kir Truffle: chocolate cake | Crème de Cassis | Sherry macerated cherries | candied rose crystals | dark chocolate

Kahlua Truffle (gluten free): gluten free chocolate cake | Kahlua | espresso | cocoa nibs | dark chocolate

Elderflower Mocktail Truffle (gluten free): gluten free vanilla cake | Elderflower | blueberry curd | candied orchid confetti | white chocolate