vegetable buns



Our savory vegetable buns take their culinary cues from the variety of handheld foods found worldwide, such as empanadas, knishes and calzones. Wrapped in our signature soft, pillowy bun dough, each parcel is filled with global comfort food favorites, all made with organic vegetables. Each bun is just the right size for a snack or appetizer.

Buns are sold by the piece or as an assortment of six.

Monthly Special: White Bean Shakshuka | tomato | peppers | swiss chard

Ratatouille: oven-roasted vegetables | eggplant | red peppers | tomato | zucchini | basil

Cabbage Pierogi: green cabbage | mushrooms | smoked paprika | rosemary

Spaghetti Squash Bolognese: spaghetti squash | kale | pinto bean 'bolognese' | tomato

Creamed Spinach: spinach | kale | 'parmesan' | roasted garlic | lemon

Portobello Patty Melt: portobello mushrooms | caramelized onions | dijon mustard | 'mozzarella'