cake frog



Popular since the Victorian era, flower frogs are designed to keep the stems of flowers in place. They help to anchor and build on a design, whether it is a minimal ikebana style or a more lush bouquet. Flower frogs are meant to sit inside a floral container in the water and can have either holes or spikes to hold the stems or branches in place.

Inspired by this idea of flower arranging, we modeled and 3D printed our own design, just for cakes.  It is an innovative way to add floral arrangements around your cake.

From our cakes collection, this frog will fit any of our Celebration Cakes, as well as all Naked Cakes. The frog will fit snugly around a fully frosted 6 inch cake with plenty of room to decorate with flowers.

DIY with your own flowers or order a seasonal flower bouquet to adorn your cake.

Cake frog is reusable.

Interior 7 inches
Exterior 7 3/4 inches

Material: Made from PLA or Polylactic acid, which is a plant-based polyester. The filament is made from corn, sugar cane, or sugar beet and is food safe.

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