lentil 'meatballs'


Choice of
  • earthy organic spanish brown lentils
  • caramelized mushrooms and cabbage
  • moist and tender, tastes like 'stuffing'
  • vegetarian/vegan/nut free/soy free
  • contains wheat

    Net weight: 1 1/4 oz. per meatball

    Sold frozen 6 meatballs per package OR meatballs with mushroom gravy on the side OR meatballs with tomato sauce on the side

    INGREDIENTS: organic brown lentils, organic cremini mushrooms, organic green cabbage, molasses, capers, extra virgin olive oil, wheat bran, organic rosemary, organic oregano, sea salt, black pepper.   CONTAINS: wheat

    Serve with: pull-apart rolls or steak fries or top with tomato sauce



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