Flourish Baking Company bakes freshly made organic, vegan, and nut free cookies, cupcakes, and made-to-order cakes, as well as a selection of ready-to-go snacks and frozen desserts.

To place an order, please call, email, or visit us at:

Customer pick up hours are: Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm.


Our desserts are perfect for small gatherings, dinner parties, and gifts. Baked in our nut-free kitchen, all of our cakes and desserts are free from dairy and eggs and certified vegan.

Our cakes and desserts are available as individual desserts or in two sizes, small (serving 6-10 people), and large (serving 10-18 people). We usually have desserts on hand, but feel free to call ahead to reserve your order.

  • Carrot Cake  $16/$24
  • Flourless Brownie Torte with Chocolate Glaze $18/$26
  • Chocolate Chip Message Cookie  $16 (8 inch)/$24 (12 inch)
  • Celebration Cakes with inscription and handmade sprinkles –
    • 6″ 2-layer cake serves 6-8 from $36
    • 6″ 3-layer cake serves 8-12 from $48
    • 8″ 2-layer cake serves 12-18 from $45
    • 8″ 3-layer cake serves 18-28 from $60
    • 10″ 2-layer cake serves 28-36 from $80
    • half sheet cake serves 30 to 40 from $125
    • Custom options available
  • Cupcakes with handmade sprinkles –
    • Iced Small Cupcakes $28/dozen
    • Fancy Small Cupcakes* $40/dozen
    • Iced Medium Cupcakes $45/dozen
    • Fancy Medium Cupcakes* $60/dozen
    • Jumbo Cupcake (serves 24) $45
    • Fancy Cupcakes include: dripped chocolate glaze and meringuedrops
    • Custom options available
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Our celebration cakes are in the style of a ‘naked’ cake with a thin coating of icing to reveal a light-as-air mousse filling and crisp cookie crumbs in between. A smooth whipped frosting tops off each cake. Choose a decorative flourish ranging from a simple inscription  to a more embellished cake with handmade sprinkles and meringue kisses, or add a chocolate drip glazing with fresh organic edible flowers.

Cake flavors are available in combinations of vanilla and chocolate can be mixed and matched.

Cakes are available as two or three layers tall, but we can custom build taller cakes up to a dramatic five layers.

We use organic, plant-based ingredients free from soy, peanuts and tree nuts. We welcome gluten free requests.



We bake fresh cupcakes for all occasions – birthdays, school parties, and special events – in our dedicated peanut and tree nut free facility.* Our cupcakes are organic and free of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, and soy. We welcome gluten free requests. For nut free orders we seal your box with our Nix the Nut label. This ensures parents, kids, and teachers that the bakery products are safe for those with nut allergies.

All cupcakes come decorated with icing and sprinkles.

* We do use coconut flakes in some of our bakery products. The FDA identifies coconut as a tree nut but it is actually a fruit.


Our cakes, desserts, celebration cakes, and cupcakes are made-to-order. When placing your order, please allow no less than three business days notice. Customized colors and special orders require five business days notice. If time allows, we do our best to accommodate last-minute orders. To place an order, please call, email, or visit us at:

Customer pick up hours are: Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm. Weekend pickups are possible but need to be scheduled in advance.